I spent most of my life terrified of dogs. But 12 years ago I decided to face my fear and my confidence began to grow around dogs.

We have since had the pleasure of owning 3 border collies.

Bonnie came to us as a rehomed adolescent dog in 2007 with issues which we sucessfully corrected, she sadly passed away at the age of 10.

We brought Flynn home as a 9 week old puppy in 2011, he is my permanent shadow and likes to accompany me when I go hiking.

Moss is our newest addition. She joined our family in April 2018 and has settled in very well and loves having so many playmates.



In my opinion a family is not complete without a dog. As a child I grew up with a Border Collie called Meg and a Shetland Sheepdog called Ria.

As an adult I had always wanted another dog but never had the time required to give it the life it deserved.

After working in retail and administration for over 10 years an opportunity arose to join the Dog Days team which I could not pass up. With this opportunity came the chance for my husband and I to get our own dog, along came Max our red border collie.

I love spending my time with the different dogs we have here at Dog Days. It is a dream job!



Raised on a farm I have been around dogs all my life; from farm dogs to pets. Out of the many dogs I have owned Border Collies have been the most fulfilling and the most challenging.

I retired from my job with the Food Standards Agency in 2015 and now enjoy spending time with our 2 collies, Flynn and Moss, and all their friends here at Dog Days.


We have had dogs in our family since I was a little girl, from Lhasa Apsos to Labradors.

As an adult I have tried a few different careers from hairdressing to caring but when I saw an advertisement for a dog care assistant I had to apply. I was lucky enough to secure a position with Dog Days in September 2018 and I haven't looked back since.

I love spending time with all of the different dogs and feel like I am part of the Dog Days family.



Say hello to Leo, the cat who thinks he's a dog. We adopted Leo in 2013 as a young kitten so he is used to having dogs around.


the chickens

We currently have 7 free range chickens who wander around the garden. They are quite used to having dogs around and tend to keep to the bushes.