Are you licensed?

We are licensed by Kirklees Council to provide day care and home boarding for up to 6 dogs.

Are you insured?

We are insured by Cliverton which are a specialist insurer for people working with animals. www.cliverton.co.uk

Do you use kennels?

We offer a home boarding service which means your dog will stay with us and our dogs in our house. We do not have any kennels on the premises.

My dog needs to wear a muzzle in public places, will you be able to walk or board them?

To ensure the safety of dogs in our care and ourselves we will not take any dog that displays aggressive behaviour or is dangerous. We arrange a socialisation visit before any booking can commence to ensure you, your dog and we are happy.

Are there any breeds you will not take?

We will not accommodate any dog on the banned breed list or any dog bred for fighting, or has the appearance of a dog bred for fighting.  We will not take any dog that displays aggressive behaviour. Before we will accept your booking we will need to meet you and your dog to make sure that they will fit in with our pack.

Does my dog have to be microchipped?

By law your dog must be microchipped. We also require your dog to be up to date with vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, wormer treatment and we advise you to have your dog vaccinated against kennel cough.


Will my dog need to wear a collar?

Your dog will need to wear a collar while in our care. We will attach our contact details to your dogs collar so we can be contacted easily in the unlikely event that your dog is missing.

My bitch is in season, will you be able to walk or board her?

We are unable to take bitches in season or entire males.

Can you accept a puppy for boarding or day minding?

The minimum age of a dog we can accept is 12 weeks and after the the primary vaccination course is complete. All dogs must be fully house trained.

My dog's vaccinations are due while we are on holiday, can you still board them?

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and treated for parasites when boarding commences. This may mean you have to bring forward your dog's vaccination date if it falls during the time your dog will be staying with us.

Do you exercise dogs off the lead?

We only exercise dogs off the lead if the owner has given us written permission and it is safe to do so. We don't accept dogs who can't be walked off lead in a group.

What happens if my dog has an accident?

We are covered by our insurance for accidental injury. We are also canine first aid trained and are therefore able to deal with most minor injuries. For anything more serious and requiring veterinary treatment we will take your dog either to your vet or our vet. We will need written permission to make decisions in the best interest of your dog.

Our consulting veterinary practice, Donaldson's, provide a 24 hour surgery so we can seek treatment day or night if required.

What happens if my dog gets sick?

If your dog becomes unwell during its stay and requires veterinary treatment we will take your dog either to your vet or our vet. You will be liable for any veterinary fees incurred due to illness or pre-existing conditions during your dog's stay.

Do you provide food for boarded dogs?

We recommend that you bring a supply of your dog's normal feed, a sudden change in diet can cause a dog to have an upset stomach.

Do I need to bring any equipment for my dog?

We will provide toys, food and water bowls for your dog. You will need to bring your dog's lead/harness/coat, bedding and enough food for it's stay. We advise owners not to bring toys for their dog as this can cause possessiveness and aggravation between dogs and result in damage to items. We keep a supply of neutral toys which dogs can play with under supervision.

What if my flight home is delayed?

We will keep your dog until you can return home but you will be liable for extra costs. We ask for an emergency contact number so that we can keep in touch if there are any unforeseen problems with your travel arrangements.

How will you transport my dog for it's walk?

Our van has been adapted with your dog's safety and comfort in mind. We have 5 travel crates of varying sizes to accommodate your dog, each with it's own towel and water bowl. In addition to this our van is ventilated and insulated which will keep your dog warm in winter and cool in summer.  We only accept clients within Mirfield this means that travel time is kept to a minimum.